Syringe labels

The colour-coded labelling system acts as a safety check to ensure the correct medicine is given for each breakthrough symptom.

Printing Syringe Labels - labels can be printed in-house or using a professional printer. Syringe labels - in-house v professional printing cost comparison (223kb pdf)

In-house printing

  • Use the files below and read the In-house label printing instructions (293kb pdf)
  • The Avery label used is 33 per sheet, 64x24.3mm Blank White Smudge Free Address Labels. Reorder #959060.

Professional printing

  • It may be more cost effective to print these labels professionally depending on how many your service requires. 
  • If your service would like to print using a professional printer, please contact the caring@home team to obtain print files.

Syringe label print files

Page last updated 8 September 2022