caring@home for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Families project

Bespoke design

Bespoke design
This bespoke Indigenous design work, through its stylized symbolism, represents the broader work of caring@home to provide information and resources to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families who want to care for their loved one at home.
Desert rose design
The key element to the design is the caring@home gathering place, where knowledge, through resources, can be shared with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and families to allow them to make informed decisions.
The desert-rose is represented as a central point of the gathering or knowledge place. The desert rose is symbolic of the rebirth of healing and clarity in decision making for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, who choose to die at home with family and community.

The artist

This bespoke design was created by Leigh Harris of ingeous.studios.
Leigh is a graphic designer and new media specialist, and founded ingeous.studios in Cairns, North Queensland in 2003. 
Leigh has traditional connections to the Kanolu people of Central Queensland and Gungarri people of South East Queensland and has been active in the creative digital space for over 20 years.

Sun rising - The spirits of those that have passed are once again celebrating as they are welcomed by their ancestors. My artistic representation of the Torres Strait patterns symbolise the following:

Bespoke design
  • Celebrating life with dance and family gatherings. Dancing also represents the warrior ways of old. Men and Women both take part in these celebrations of life. This ensures the continuation of culture to the next generations.
  • Shells. Used for ceremonial or decorative purposes. In this artwork the shells are on Earth and transcend into stars as they crossover from the land to the sky.
  • Seasonal changes. Sun up sun down, tide in tide out, weaving patterns.
  • Animal totems. Torres Strait Islander cultures have one or more animal totems. These are faintly depicted rising upwards to accompany the spirts as they rise to the stars.

The artist

Beau Pennefather Motlop. BPM

I was born in Auckland, Aotearoa (New Zealand) but moved to Gimuy (Cairns), Far North Queensland when I was eight years old.

My background includes Aboriginal from the Jirrbal tribe of the Surrounding Gimuy and Hinterland region, ZENADTH KES (Torres Strait Islands) descendance from the Wagedoegam Koedal (Crocodile) clan of Mabuiag Island as well as Ngapuhi from Aotearoa. My Torres Strait Island Totems are the Crocodile, Snake, Stonefish and Remora. My Aboriginal Totem is the Dingo.

2006 is when I started to take my art practice seriously and began experimenting with various mediums including pencil, pastels and acrylic paint I also do digital artwork.

I create depth and dimensions with colours, shadows and size differences, I use an abundance of detail and intricate patterns, but I also like to balance out my artwork with emptiness and quiet. My motifs and circular patterns are a unique combination drawn from my three Indigenous heritages. My inspiration definitely comes from my proud and rich Indigenous descendance as well as our beautiful tropical rainforest surroundings and our amazing animals.



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