Resources to support you

Resources for carers and families

With standardised support from health professionals, quality information and resources, carers and families can confidently, safely and competently help manage end-of-life symptoms experienced by the person they are caring for.

Existing caring@home resources are focussed on teaching carers and families to manage breakthrough symptoms safely by giving subcutaneous medicines. New resources are being developed during 2023-2024 that will support quality, home-based end-of-life care during the last 12 months of life. View the resources here.


Need help? If you need help, contact your local Specialist Palliative Care Service or the appropriate telephone support service available in some states/territories:


1300 PALLDR (1300 725 537) - 24/7 palliative care hotline for doctors, NPs, paramedics and pharmacists

1300 PALLCR (1300 725 527) - 24/7 palliative care hotline for nurses, allied health, Aboriginal Health Workers and Practitioners

South Australia

1300 673 122 - Statewide 24/7 palliative care support line for clinicians


1800 360 000 - Palliative Care Advice Service for health professionals, palliative care patients, their carers and families. Every day 7am - 10pm. 

Western Australia

1300 558 655 - Statewide 24/7 palliative care support line for clinicians.

Page last updated 5 September 2023