Translated resources for carers and families

The caring@home package for carers is designed to support one-on-one training by nurses who are teaching a carer to help manage breakthrough symptoms safely using subcutaneous medicines. The package provides practical information that carers can refer to at any time and is appropriate for all jurisdictions in Australia.

Integral parts of the caring@home package for carers have been translated to Arabic, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Punjabi, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Tagalog and Vietnamese for use by those communities.


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    The resources in the caring@home Package for Carers can be used to support families to help manage end-of-life symptoms for a person receiving care at home.


    For patient safety, clinical services using the caring@home resources to teach carers to give subcutaneous medicines must provide a 24-hour phone number to carers to give appropriate clinical advice. If your service does not have such a 24-hour phone number, for patient and carer safety, you must not use these resources to teach carers to give subcutaneous medicines.

    Non-clinical services may use the caring@home Package for Carers as an information and education resource for health professionals.

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