caring@home Indigenous Art Competition Entries

Name of artwork: Gnowangerup

Artist: Trigger

Artist's description of the artwork: Missing home.



Name of artwork: Her blood runs deep

Artist: Jodee Page

Artist's description of the artwork: Mum had a major accident in hospital ending up in the ICU at John Hunter Hospital. It was touch and go there for 3 months. That was a year ago. She was allowed to come home after months of rehab. She lost her memory due to the head injuries she got.  The painting symbols are us, her 4 children, that waited endlessly for months, watching and waiting for her to wake up, and all the therapy, hospitals and rehabilitation places that continue to help us with the care of Mum. Thank you.


Name of artwork: Home dreamtime

Artist: Krystal Mc

Artist's description of the artwork: Spiritual home coming through culture and who we are today.



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