caring@home for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Families project

Bespoke design

Bespoke design
This bespoke Indigenous design work, through its stylized symbolism, represents the broader work of caring@home to provide information and resources to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families who want to care for their loved one at home.
Desert rose design
The key element to the design is the caring@home gathering place, where knowledge, through resources, can be shared with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and families to allow them to make informed decisions.
The desert-rose is represented as a central point of the gathering or knowledge place. The desert rose is symbolic of the rebirth of healing and clarity in decision making for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, who choose to die at home with family and community.

The artist

This bespoke design was created by Leigh Harris of ingeous studios.
Leigh is a graphic designer and new media specialist, and founded ingeous studios in Cairns, North Queensland in 2003. 
Leigh has traditional connections to the Kanolu people of Central Queensland and Gungarri people of South East Queensland and has been active in the creative digital space for over 20 years.



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