The palliMEDS app, developed by NPS Medicinewise for caring@home, familiarises primary care prescribers with eight palliative care medicines that have been endorsed by the Australian & New Zealand Society of Palliative Medicine (ANZSPM) for management of terminal symptoms.

The ANZSPM-endorsed medicines can be used to manage common emergent symptoms in home-based palliative care patients in the last few weeks of life, when people often have problems swallowing. 

It is hoped that the palliMEDS app will contribute to the provision of quality palliative care for the increasing number of Australians who wish to be cared for, and to die at home if possible.

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  • "Best Palliative Care app. Ever."  Dr Rohit Joshi, MBBS MD FRACP FACP, Consultant, Medical Oncology, Adelaide Medical School, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, 6 July 2019

    "GPs, you need this palliative care app in your armoury. It's brilliant at giving basic medication guidance."  Dr Rob Park, Smart Practice, Australian Doctor/Medical Observer, 29 November 2019

    "Clear and concise. Very helpful app and easy to use. Palliative care is a challenging area of medicine and this information is clear and concise. Well done."  4.0/5 Review by ActualAL, Apple App Store, 20 October 2018.

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