Teaching carers and families using the caring@home package for carers

The caring@home package for carers is designed to support one-on-one training by health professionals who are teaching a carer to help manage breakthrough symptoms safely using subcutaneous medicines for a person who chooses to be cared for, and to die at home, if possible.

The package provides practical information that carers can refer to at any time and is appropriate for all jurisdictions in Australia.

**It is recommended when providing resources to carers, that they are printed in colour. 
Parts of the carers’ package are available in Arabic, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Punjabi, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Tagalog and Vietnamese for use by those communities. 
Access translated resources here.
  • Syringe labels - The syringe labels are pre-printed and colour-coded for eight (8) commonly-used palliative care symptom management medicines. Blank labels are included in case other medicines are prescribed
  • One-on-one training checklist and carer post-training competency assessment - This checklist is used to guide the one-on-one training session with the carer, and to check carer competency after the training session. (160kb pdf)
  • A practice demonstration kit - The demonstration kit is used to practise giving medicines through a subcutaneous cannula. This attachment guides the nurse in assembling the kit. (317kb pdf)
  • How to make a carers' package - A guide on how to make a carers package from downloaded materials. (292kb pdf)
  • Information brochure for carers - Nurses can use this brochure to introduce carers to how they can help manage breakthrough symptoms safely using subcutaneous medicines. (1MB pdf)
  • Lanyard card for nurses - The lanyard card includes the one-on-one training checklist and colour-coding for eight (8) commonly used palliative care symptom management medicines.    ** The lanyard cards will print four-to-a page. Please choose 'colour' when printing.  Cut around the lanyard card, fold down the middle and laminate. (Will fit standard 64mm x 99mm laminating pouch.)  
  • palliMEDS - An app to familiarise primary care prescribers with eight palliative care medicines that have been endorsed by the Australian & New Zealand Society of Palliative Medicine (ANZSPM) for management of terminal symptoms. 
  • Medicine handling guidelines - The Guidelines for the handling of palliative care medicines in community services can be used by community service providers to inform the development of detailed protocols and procedures tailored to the requirements of individual services. 
  • Introducing caring@home resources PowerPoint - This presentation may be used when introducing the caring@home resources into your service. (4MB ppt)
  • Conducting education for a carer PowerPoint - This presentation can be used to conduct face-to-face education sessions with nurses rather than requiring nurses to complete the online education modules developed as a part of the caring@home resources. (15MB ppt)  


Page last updated 1 July 2022