Palliative Care Clinic Box

Symptom management support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families

The resources contained in the Palliative Care Clinic Box can assist health professionals to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people receiving palliative care at home, and their families. See below for a detailed list of the resources included in the Clinic Box.

How to use the Palliative Care Clinic Box:

  • The Clinic Box is designed to be stored centrally at the clinic/health service office and contains resources for several patients and families. We recommend you order one (1) Clinic Box per clinic site.
  • Health professionals supporting patients and families can choose which resources are relevant based on the symptoms the patient is experiencing, retrieve copies from the Clinic Box and provide them to the family.
  • The Palliative Care Clinic Box can be kept as a master copy, and resources photocopied as needed, or downloaded here.

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    Palliative Care Clinic Box


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  • Important Information

    The resources in the Palliative Care Clinic Box can be used to support families to help manage end-of-life symptoms at home.

    PLEASE NOTE - For patient safety, clinical services using the caring@home resources to teach carers to give subcutaneous medicines must provide a 24-hour phone number to carers to give appropriate clinical advice. If your service does not have such a 24-hour phone number, for patient and carer safety, you must not use these resources to teach carers to give subcutaneous medicines.

    Non-clinical services may use the Palliative Care Clinic Box as an information and education resource for health professionals.

  • Please allow approximately 3 weeks for processing and delivery of your order.

    ENQUIRIES:    Email:     Phone: 1300 600 007


What does the Palliative Care Clinic Box contain?

Palliative care symptom management resources
Resource type Number of copies Title of resource

Tip sheets

9 of each

  • Help with feeling sick in the gut
  • Help with fitting
  • Help with pain
  • Help with rattly breathing
  • Help with restlessness
  • Help with short of breath
  • Help with stress
  • Help with troubling visions, sounds, thoughts
  • Knowing when a person is getting closser to passing/Knowing when a person has passed


Information brochure for families


Helping to manage symptoms at home (customisable Word document)
Diary 3 Medicines tracker
Wall chart 3 What medicine to give?
Step-by-step guides 9 of each
  • Help manage symptoms at home
  • Put the medicine in the syringe
  • Give the medicine under the skin
Syringe labels 1 set of 24 pages A set of colour-coded syringe labels for common medicines used in palliative care - 24 pages
Competency assessment 3 Training checklist and carer/family post-training competency assessment
Training videos 1 USB containing four short training videos
Guide for health professionals 1 Managing palliative care symptoms: A guide for health professionals
Medicine guidelines 1 Guidelines for the handling of palliative care medicines in community services (Version 2)
Example policy and procedures
Example policy and procedures: Supporting carers/families to help manage breakthrough symptoms safely using subcutaneous medicines in the home (customisable Word document)
3 x Practice demonstration kits and sharps containers


Page updated 28 March 2023